How to Keep Your Car Clean on a Budget: Tips from McHenry Kia Dealer

A well maintained Kia is not only more comfortable to drive but also more valuable when the time comes to sell or trade-in the vehicle. For many people with a busy schedule, it becomes hard to keep up with the interior and exterior cleaning of their vehicles. When this occurs, professional detailers are often hired to get the car back to like new condition. Unfortunately, this can be tough on a limited budget. The staff at McHenry Kia Dealer offers the following tips to help you keep your car clean on a budget.

Keep Your Car Clean on a Budget | McHenry Kia

Treat stains immediately- Many people spend more time in their vehicle each day than in their own home. It is important to make sure that any stains that result from practically living in your Kia are treated immediately. Dropped food, an explosion of soda, dirt and mud can leave lasting stains if not treated immediately with an upholstery cleaner.

Remove trash daily- An accumulation of tissues, candy bar wrappers and coffee cups not only look ugly, they can result in stains, odors and other issues that are better left alone. Not only does a trashy car look bad, but it can become a hazard should an accident occur and items are flying around inside the passenger compartment. Take two minutes at the end of each day to collect any trash or other items that don’t need to be in your vehicle.

Regular cleaning– If you want your used Kia to retain as much value as possible, consider a weekly cleaning regimen. This does not have to take a lot of time, just a few minutes to wipe down the interior, vacuum and a quick car wash can do wonders for the long term value of your vehicle.

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