Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Even with the recent decrease in gas prices, Crystal Lake area Kia understands that keeping your gas tank full can be a strain on the budget. While the best way to save money on gasoline would be to buy a fuel efficient vehicle, not everyone is in the buying market for a new, green vehicle. We offer the following tips for increasing the fuel efficiency of the Kia you’re already driving:

Increase Your Fuel Efficiency | Kia Dealership, McHenry

Don’t Accelerate Quickly

If you can learn to avoid “putting the pedal to the metal” when taking off, you’ll improve your fuel efficiency. The smoother you drive your Kia, the less gas your car requires to move. In fact, accelerating slower and braking smoother will increase your fuel efficiency as much as 3 miles per gallon. It will also extend the life of your tires, brakes and transmission.

Warm the Engine

Driving a Kia with a cold engine requires more gas. While you don’t want to let your car “warm up” while parked for twenty minutes in the driveway since this uses gas unnecessarily; you do want to try and combine your short trips into one, so that your car has a chance to get warm and stay warm for each stop along your way.

Don’t Drive Fast

Sure, your Kia has good “pick up and go”, but for every ten miles per hour you drive over 55 mph, you decrease fuel efficiency as much as 5 miles per gallon. Slow down to use less gas.


Remove Unnecessary Weight

When you travel with extra weight in the car, you reduce the car’s ability to use gas efficiently. Basically, more weight makes the car work harder to move. Remove roof racks when not in use, and don’t keep a lot of stuff in the trunk adding to the weight of the car.

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