Winter shouldn't mean putting vehicle care and maintenance on ice. To help your car or truck perform reliably in the deep freeze, keep a few of these gems in mind.

  • Clean up or replace any problematic lights and bulbs. Winter days mean dim travels, especially in the evening. Be sure to handle any fogginess or yellowing and remove any debris before it becomes an issue.
  • Test battery operation regularly. Batteries don't work well in extreme cold, and battery weakness can mean its death, so if needed, replace any questionable battery as soon as possible.
  • Keep coolant levels optimal. Fill it when it's low, and make sure that there aren't any engine cracks, as these can leak and lead to block freezing.
  • Keep your gas tank full and windshield washer fluid at the ready. The former reduces the chance of a frozen fuel pump, and it's a good idea to have what you need to keep your engine running for cabin warmth if you need to wait for any help. A full wiper fluid tank helps make sure you can keep a clear view of outside conditions when the snow flies.
  • Install snow tires. You'll need more reliable traction at low temperatures, and snow tires are flexible enough to deliver on this. Keep them pressurized, and check levels frequently to discourage wear and tear and tread separation.
  • Examine defroster and climate controls for any maintenance needs. When bad weather is afoot, you'll want to stay toasty while keeping windows clear of ice and fog.
  • Maintain a working emergency survival kit. Even with preparation, getting stuck in the elements is always a possibility. Blankets, first-aid kits, utility knives, flashlights, jumper cables, mobile chargers, a shovel, de-icing spray and the like on hand can make a major difference.

Need extra care and maintenance advice, or perhaps a quick service visit to make sure your vehicle can power through the season? Feel free to stop in or make an appointment with our friendly, knowledgeable service professionals. We're here to help!

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