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Test Driving Tips from McHenry Area Kia

We understand that buying a car is not the same as picking up a new outfit on your way home from work! Buying a new or used Kia takes time – you need to research the options and decide which car is right for you. McHenry Area Kia recommends that part of your research involves taking a Kia or two for a test drive – to try before you buy! Arranging to take a car for a test drive is simple, just come into our Kia dealership and we’ll hand you the keys to the car of your choice.

Tips for taking a test drive | McHenry, IL

When you…

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30 Essential Items to Always Keep in Your Car

On days like where it’s -17 degrees with a wind chill of -43 degrees, you want to make sure your vehicle is ready just in case something happens. Whether your car is 20 years old or 2 months old, you never know what could happen when you are driving in dangerous weather. We found a list of 30 essential items to always keep in your car in case of emergency.

Essential Items To Keep in Your Car | McHenry, IL
  1. Spare tire with a tire jack and tire iron
  2. Tire inflator and sealer – Will plug a leak and give you enough time to bring it in to the dealership…
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How to Keep Your Car Clean on a Budget: Tips from McHenry Kia Dealer

A well maintained Kia is not only more comfortable to drive but also more valuable when the time comes to sell or trade-in the vehicle. For many people with a busy schedule, it becomes hard to keep up with the interior and exterior cleaning of their vehicles. When this occurs, professional detailers are often hired to get the car back to like new condition. Unfortunately, this can be tough on a limited budget. The staff at McHenry Kia Dealer offers the following tips to help you keep your car clean on a budget.

Keep Your Car Clean on a Budget | McHenry Kia

Treat stains immediately- Many people spend more…

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Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Even with the recent decrease in gas prices, Crystal Lake area Kia understands that keeping your gas tank full can be a strain on the budget. While the best way to save money on gasoline would be to buy a fuel efficient vehicle, not everyone is in the buying market for a new, green vehicle. We offer the following tips for increasing the fuel efficiency of the Kia you’re already driving:

Increase Your Fuel Efficiency | Kia Dealership, McHenry

Don’t Accelerate Quickly

If you can learn to avoid “putting the pedal to the metal” when taking off, you’ll improve your fuel efficiency. The smoother you…

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